A concept from IDEO

The Antibotics are a robot gang with a plan to save the world from the deadly bacteria that kills thousands of people, and cost the taxpayers £1 billion, annually.

How will this intrepid team of roving robots come to the rescue? By using digital storytelling, pills and packaging to educate parents and kids about how to use antibiotics properly.

The Antibotics arch-enemies are Superbugs (multi-resistant bacteria). They’re caused by two things: people taking antibiotics for the wrong things (such as viruses), or not completing the full course. The result is that the sneakiest, hardiest, meanest bacteria bugs survive. And they’re immune to some antibiotics

The Antibotics secret superpower against the superbugs is knowledge and storytelling. They know how to tell viruses from bacteria, and that it takes the whole team to beat the bad guys. And by sharing that knowledge through an absorbing, fun, informative digital tale, they’re helping parents and kids learn that too.

Primed for action in a pill, when a child pops out and swallows the first Antibotic from the specially-designed blister packaging, our character dives into the body and into antibacterial action. Time to follow our intrepid robot’s journey into the stomach and battle.

Post-pill popping, parent and child start each chapter by picking the robot they’ve just swallowed on their iPad, phone or computer. That loads an animated adventure featuring our fearsome first robot’s journey to the bacterial battleground, and their fight against the bad guys hurting the inside of the child’s body. But every chapter ends on a cliff hanger. How can you read the next nailbiting chapter?

By picking the next Antibotic to follow the first robot’s team member into the struggle in the stomach. Not so fast though, the next chapter only unlocks 24 hours after the first one.

Our story builds up as each additional robot joins the mission. Importantly, the story's showdown only comes when the whole gang of eight have gone in, and when the story, and course of medicine, are complete. Like every great team, it’s when they collaborate together that the Antibotics most powerful. Their motto?: ‘Strength in numbers.’