Behaviour change is tough in any field, but failure in antibiotic non-adherence would have huge consequences.

We think Antibotics could have a real impact on some of the issues we're currently facing with multi-resistant bacteria. Importantly, Antibotics isn’t a replacement for existing medical instructions: it augments them, helping children and their parents understand their illness, and its cure, better.

Next, we'd like to find a partner to move Antibotics from concept to reality, refining and prototyping.

We think the Antibotics concept could be of interest to a range of players within the healthcare space, whether they are producing, prescribing or dispensing drugs.

But first and foremost, it presents an opportunity for the NHS to help target antibiotic resistance by making education and adherence more fun.

Through collaboration with change-makers such as the Wellcome Trust, we think Antibotics and the Story Pill concept could become a whole new way to think about prescribing and patient care.

For prescribers; Antibotics offers an alternative to the frustration of prescribing drugs which are unlikely to be adhered to, and potentially means more can be done to reassure and guide patients to self-care by prescribing custom-designed stories.

For dispensers; Antibotics is a chance to engage customers as patients in a more human, educational way and seed stronger relationships, loyalty and of course dwell time in store.

For producers; Antibotics stories and packaging can help to differentiate the offer, increase sales, and form part of a real commitment to improving adherence.

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